How to Adjust the Font Size in Your Browser

Adjusting Font Sizes in Netscape Navigator 4

In Netscape 4, you can adjust the font size of a page using Increase Font and Decrease Font on the View menu.

The keyboard shortcuts for these are Ctrl+] to increase the font size and Ctrl+[ to decrease.

The previous instructions only change the font temporarily. If you want to change your fonts for all pages, choose Preferences on the Edit menu, then select "Fonts" under the "Appearance" tree on the left side of the preferences box. Now you can choose your favourite font and font size.

Adjusting Font Sizes in Netscape Navigator 3

Choose General Preferences from the Options menu. Along the top of the preferences box are seven tabs — the second is labelled "Fonts". Click on that tab. Click on the first "Choose Font" button to choose your normal font and size. Click on the second "Choose Font" button to choose a monospaced font.

Other browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or 6; Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or earlier; Netscape 6 or later, Mozilla and similar; Netscape Navigator 4 or earlier; Opera; Others.