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What's Happening.....


.....exams. Final uni exams. So there obviously isn't much on the website.

Oddly enough they're decently spaced this year - 3 in one week then one each week after.

Problem is that three of these are 'advanced study', i.e. you write essays on research topics in the exam.
The first week (last week) went OK so I assumed stuff was going to happen alright for the next two, after all I had a full weeks final revision time on each. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be enough for cosmology (which I have tomorrow) and I will undoubtedly get a very low mark in it. The bugger is that it's a fairly easy course which I'm interested in. Where did I go wrong?

God knows what's going to happen to particle physics next week - that is Hard (note the capital H). Relativistic quantum mechanics in 10 lectures? Mad. And that's advanced study too. With any luck though a lot of other people will find it very difficult too.

Silly thing is, I don't really know why I'm doing this - the only reason that I'm still on a 4 year degree is that I knew I would be busy last year and I thought the extra year would increase my overall mark. Hmmmm. That doesn't look overly likely at the moment - I'm still holding out for a 2:1 (I'm currently on the upper border of 2:2) but if these two exams f**k up then things will not be good.
At least I know that I should have a degree at the end of this.

And I always find fiddling with things so much more.... worthwhile or something. So far I've fixed various electronic gadgets and written random computer stuff, something I never bother doing when I don't have anything better to do. Strange the way the human mind works, isn't it?

Well, that would appear to be it. A little rambling and self-aggravating but then this is my website so I can do that if I want. Nobody has to read this, after all........

ho hum

back to gravitational lensing we go.....

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