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Fill in the blanks


Well. I just noticed that it's been a long time since my last update.

I don't know if anyone reads this at all - would it then count as talking to myself? - but never mind.

The Met Film School course finished, and bloody nearly finished me with it, in November. This was because said students, who had been in fromnt of an editing system mostly about twice before in their lives were expected to edit their 10-minute films by themselves in 2 days each, with me giving tech support, then applying fine cutting and grading.

You may be able to imagine how this worked out in practise - at least I persuaded them to take on many of my friends on a temp basis to help out. It was still 10-12 hours a day for a week. Fortunately I had to go home for my parent's wedding anniversary at the end of the week so was spared the weekend as well.. However it's quite difficult to attempt to be lightly drinking and charming and witty to people who you might have met once before when you were 5 years old and haven't a clue who they are anyway on that little sleep.

Then I started working for Magic Lantern, a production place specialising mostly in 'new media' but also in commercial videos. I was to help on a project for a video for BT and also do a technical re-design of their facilities.

Suffice to say that the shit hit the fan within a week of my being there, involving me operating a camera, running for the producer and tech designing at the same time (or so it seemed); then a 2-day shoot in West Dulwich, crew call 7.30; then three weeks of solid editing with only one day off. That includes weekends.

Then I moved flats - went to Camden living with the girlfriend. This is pretty good - much more space than I'm used to - and we're finally starting to sort out the hundreds of boxes filling the place.

After that I've been a bit spaced really and pretty much just looking forward to going home for christmas which I'm doing very soon. Buying christmas presents, on the other hand, is proving very challenging indeed - I have many to buy for family and haven't a clue what they want. Because they don't really know. Ditto girlfriend. Found something nice for her though and a few bits for the family last weekend.

So..... that's that. I got paid though and this made me very happy - because otherwise I'd be broke. This cheerful world eh.....

I think I need a cup of coffee before I go to sleep. See you.

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